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Full-cycle blockchain development for any domain

Smart Contracts Development

Our company will provide you with a high-level of smart contract design and development service. Cooperating with us, you will also get smart contracts implemented into the business process to ensure keeping terms of the agreements executions.

Custom Networks

Let’s make your database more productive and create the best conditions for its processing and manipulation. Custom Network can ensure that you will be well-trusted and secured. We can adapt your blockchain networks according to the necessary needs of specific infrastructure.

Supply Chain

If you want to distribute your products with full transparency and security, you should consider blockchain supply chain development. Our team will design a clear system that will exclude numerous issues such as delayed or hidden information or records, high costs, forgery, database errors, and many others. All assets and properties will be verified and secured.


Using blockchain technology, we will develop a fully-equipped and well-secured system of eWallet. Block6 designs special applications that work as eWallets containing all assets. It will include information about financial activity and other data.

High-Performance Decentralized Exchange

Our development team can design a platform or application that will provide your clients with all the up-to-date information about cryptocurrency exchange. The process of decentralized exchange will be accessible in real-time. This way, your customers will be able to manage their digital currency assets more efficiently.

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