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We bring 10+ years of blockchain expertise to your project

We’ve been helping startups, banks, and financial institutions to integrate blockchain technologies for more than 5 years. If your organization is ready to implement innovative technologies and move towards digital transformation, our company is what you need. Our blockchain specialists developed more than 70+ projects and know how to turn your project idea into reality. We are ready to build blockchain solutions according to your needs. From developing self-executing contracts and eWallets to creating exchange platforms and payment apps. Cooperating with Block6, you will get the full range of benefits of blockchain technology and its decentralized network.

Our Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Discovery Service

Using blockchain technology, your organization or financial institution will be able to provide customers with the most transparent and effective products. Block6 will help to implement and integrate all the necessities to achieve your goals. We can make your system secured with a server that connects remote tools and creates a single database without one managing center. Transparency appears due to information accessibility which makes hiding or changing records impossible. With a complex analysis, we are ready to answer more of your questions. It also includes our support with adapting your company’s network to the blockchain requirements.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology is valued for its multi-directional approach. It is used for companies that operate in the fields of finance, digital media, energy, informational technology, and others. Our high-skilled team is ready to provide you with the development of a wide range of blockchain solutions. We will create an effective, productive, and complex system for retail, supply chain, automotive manufacturing, logistics, etc.

Migration and Upgrades

Cloud migration helps to move company resources including databases, assets, and applications to the cloud. This process is about the general modernization of services. It increases flexibility and agility, delivers immediate business results, and decreases the cost of services. If you want your app’s database to have the capabilities for being upgraded, we can provide you with this option. Block6 will create the best conditions for making your app suit all the modern requirements.K

User Experience and Technical Design

UX and Technical Design aim to provide you not only with functional features, but also a pleasant and user-friendly interface. It is what makes the startup competitive in the market. Good UX design is necessary for your business as it reduces your customers’ everyday efforts. We will develop a solid and good-looking UX design that will be simple in use and highly effective. You will be able to keep in touch with your customers via the system of feedback. Our design is always up-to-date.

Custom Blockchain App Development

Block6 deploy new projects on public and private blockchain networks, reduces operational costs, and eliminates any centralized points of failure. We develop apps that use the up-to-date system of protecting users’ privacy. They feature high processing and confirmation speed and dynamic account permission. Our team goes step by step from analyzing the idea to testing the app. Due to this, you will get the product with good architecture and simple intuitive design.

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